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     The Funeral Guy Recruitment and Placement Service is a placement service for funeral professionals. My sole goal is to source, vet, coach, and find placement for highly capable mortuary school students and graduates, current funeral directors and embalmers, and funeral service managers. Once I have vetted the candidates and readied them for placement, I do a background check. I will then set up candidate interviews with top-tier funeral homes.

     Once a funeral home wants to move forward with a candidate, its hiring manager will take over to negotiate regarding salary, benefits, and relocation allowances. The funeral home sets the salary…not The Funeral Guy. 

       I am selective in choosing the funeral homes I will specifically recruit for.  This is to ensure that I am placing the candidates within my pool, at the best firms in the United States.



      There is absolutely no fee for you, unless you choose a mentoring package that extends past my free placement services. When you enter your information in the “Funeral Professionals Portal” I will then personally reach out and talk with you about where you are in funeral service and will determine if you are a suitable candidate for the firms I work with. This is the point where I will listen to your story and find out if you are currently looking for employment, or if you want to be in my system for the future.


I work with many candidates who are currently employed but looking for a change. I want to assure you that your information will always stay private to protect your current employment, and your information will never be sold or given to outside entities. The funeral homes I work with are bound to confidentiality agreements, which are in place before the interview process begins.


It is also my promise to funeral service, to promote loyalty to the firms’ funeral professionals are already with. Working with The Funeral Guy may be just what you need to thrive at your current workplace.



     Funeral home managers, my expertise in funeral service will help you locate your next best hire. First, fill out the “Funeral Homes” form. Then, I will call you to find out what your needs are discuss what The Funeral Guy can do for you and explain pricing and services in detail. My fees are far under the industry standard.  

     I come Caliper Essentials Personality Assessment Certified.  For funeral homes who are wanting the option of a Caliper Assessment for the candidate, prior to hire, I can assist in that process.

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