Mentorship Opportunities

The Funeral Guy Recruitment and Placement Service is much more than just a placement service. My core mission is to teach, mentor, and place the best of the best within the funeral profession. I strive to help people realize their true potential at a firm that matches their needs and skills.

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Below, you will find several mentorship opportunities that we feel will add to your professional portfolio.  We surround you with individuals who have a depth of knowledge in funeral service and who love to see our profession flourish.

Once you click on the Continue tab to the right, you will be directed to the contact me page.  In the box at the bottom, please indicate which mentorship opportunity you are interested in. I will then personally call you to connect.

Résumé Writing

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$ Customizable---Many professionals have not written a résumé since they applied for their current jobs. Funeral service employers are looking a specific type of résumé and format. The Funeral Guy experts will work with you to create a résumé that will showcase your expertise and accomplishments.

Arrangement Room Skills and Confidence Building—1 ½ hours


$250—The arrangement conference with a family is probably one of the more intense and important moments during a family’s time at the funeral home. The Funeral Guy helps you with specific arrangement room skills, service recommendations, and how to create meaningful and original messages that will lead to more successful arrangement conferences. This personal mentorship opportunity will be with David Speaks.

Consultation with a Veteran Embalmer—Ask Anything! —1 hour


$200--This package is created for students and veteran embalmers alike. Embalming is a true art, and a gift to the families we are honored to serve. This consultation is for those who want to spend an hour, asking anything they want from a professional in my network who has been an expert embalmer for years.

Consultation with a Veteran Funeral Director—Ask Anything! —1 hour

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$200--This package is designed for students and veteran funeral directors alike. This consultation is designed to be a free-flowing conversation where you can ask anything! This session will be tailored to your specific areas of interest and may include general advice, arrangement-room role play, how to create messages that will appeal to your client families, or other related topics.

Mortuary School Presentation for the Class “Swimming In the Deep End…Life as a Funeral Director” with David Speaks


I offer an informative, in-person presentation for your mortuary school students, that gives them a first hand look at what life as a funeral director is like. It is a motivational and educational presentation that helps students grasp the importance of the career they have chosen and the life-changing moments that will make them a better person and funeral professional along the way.

Following the in-person presentation and Q&A, I will be staying to conduct one-on-one conversations and interviews with students interested in our free placement services.